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ECARP’s core strategy is rural democratisation central to which is social mobilisation through the formation and strengthening of local movements that are emerging on farms and in geographical areas in the Eastern Cape. The fundamentals to this is building rural voice in the Cacadu and Amathole districts in the Eastern Cape, South Africa,  through bottom-up democratic structures that take a lead in transforming working and living conditions and power relations. 

Rural Democratisation

Social Mobilisation

Bottom-up Democratic Structures

Transforming working and living conditions, and power relations

Strengthening Debates, Dialogue and Strategies

ECARP works from the premise that democratic collectives comprising of farm workers, dwellers and small-scale farmers are vehicles to bring about positive changes to the iniquitous agrarian political economy in the Eastern Cape and in South Africa. ECARP is committed to strengthening debates and dialogue and strategies around social and economic protection mechanisms, transformation and emancipation in the agrarian political economy.

Organisational Goals


ECARP has three overall organisational goals. These are to:
  • Advance rural democracy by supporting farm worker, farm dweller and small-scale farmer collectives to challenge unequal power relations and forge an emancipatory agrarian transformation agenda.
  • Lobby, advocate and mobilise with collective structures for fair labour standards and decent work, dignified living standards, food sovereignty based on agro-ecological farming and fair trade practices.
  • Conduct research and documentation and disseminate information on issues pertaining to agrarian transformation and rural democracy as a means to influence dialogue and change.

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